Has anybody had problems with the Netware client being really slow with NW
6.5 on a Dell server?

It seems like the backup starts, runs for a couple hours, then just hangs.
I have two servers, both with the same hardware, same OS versions and patch
revs. Same symptoms on both. My backups on a NW 5.0 and 5.1 server don't
have any problems. No problems with Solaris.

I ran a test with NW 6.5 on a VMware VM and it seemed to run OK, so now
I'm starting to thing it's the Dell hardware. Perhaps the Intel NIC?

Any help with troubleshooting this would be appreciated.

NB 60MP4 running on Windows 2000 server.
Latest Client update (MP4)
Netware 6.5, service pack 6
Dell PowerEdge 2850 w/ Intel NIC (not sure what it is, but it uses E1000.lan)