Hi Team,
I have netbackup for db2 is configured for backup and log archiving of the
db2 logs on the tape device through the netbackup. I have configured the
log archiving of the db2 through the LOAGARHCMETH1(vendor method) parameter.
Not i have noticed couple of the thing which are strange and make me think
about the Netbackup's Stability and relability when there is a issue of restore
of the database and performance.

1.When logs are archived to the tape device and when i query the content
on the storage server through the bplist, the file name of the log is converted.
Eg. S0000001.LOG ==> C000000_S0000001.LOG. The new name is not in the db2
naming standard. Is this log files are usable when there is a issue of restoring
the database through the logs someplace else after copying logs and backup
from the tape to disk without loading netbackup library on db2 commands?

2. I also noticed that Sometime netbackup archive some logs many times(5
times) on the storage server. How db2 identifies which one is the right one
to use during the restore/rollforward process?
3. This is completely weird behaviour. To stop the db2 instance after closing
all the application connections, when i issue deactivate db command or any
db2 commands it just hung. I have looked into the db2diag log file at the
same time that db2 is archiving the logs which are just cut off from the
LOG BUFFER and ready to archive to the storage media. Any db2 command is
not returned until the log archving process is finished.This has beeen identified
several time. Why log archiving process through the netbackup puts all other
db2 commands on the wait mode until the process is done??

Any help will be greatly appreciated as this all thing matter on the Production
database and recovery is a key issue.