As NBU 5.1 on Solaris doesn't seem to support LOFS (loopback
filesystem) (or does it?), I now modified my backup policy
in such a way, that not only 1 directory is being backed up,
but two.

Further, I've written a bpend_notify script, which does some
things, which can *ONLY* be done, after the *COMPLETE* backup
is done. But it seems, as if this script is called multiple
times - once after the 1st directory has been backed up and
once, after the 2nd directory has been backed up. That is no

Is there a way, to make Netbackup execute the script only
*ONCE* after the *COMPLETE* backup is done? Or is there at
least a way to somehow find out which directory was backed
up from inside the bpend_notify script? I had a look at
the params that are passed to the script and also at the
environment variables, but can't find anything.

How can that be done?

Alexander Skwar