I can't backup my Win2003 Server since I ' ve installed ISA 2004 Server,

with the Veritas Netbackup Enterprise 5.x.

I' have open already all Protokoll from the localhost (on ISA Server) to
the LAN and
also from the LAN to the ISA. I' ve two NICs inside.
I can 't find the PROBLEM.

The log output is:
6/02/2007 10:04:06 - positioning MU0591 to file 13
06/02/2007 10:04:23 - Error bpbrm(pid=616) socket read failed, An existing
connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (10054)
06/02/2007 10:04:23 - connected; connect time: 00:02:01
06/02/2007 10:06:37 - positioned MU0591; position time: 00:02:31
06/02/2007 10:06:37 - begin writing
06/02/2007 10:07:58 - end writing; write time: 00:01:21
file read failed(13)
file read failed(13)
06/02/2007 10:07:59 - Error bpsched(pid=3512) backup of client w3isa007 exited
with status 13 (file read failed)

Thanks a lot
sorry from my bad englich

Saludo Pilar.