Hello all,

I will preface this message with the statement that I am not a DBA, therefore
have no real knowledge with the task I have been assigned.

I have been asked to create regular backups of an Oracle 10g database server.
I have the Netbackup client installed correctly, and can manually start a
cold backup of the databases from the client machine (I believe that this
is a Client/Application Policy setting, one recommended in the documentation).

Problem: The policy includes an Automatic Full Backup schedule. The schedule
starts and the master server connects to the client. The client never gets
a request to start the backup and the process eventually times out. The same
template file used to initiate the backup directly from the client is the
one used to try the full backup.

I know - "Total newbie, why don't you read the documentation?" I did, that
how I got as far as I did.

Any help appreciated.