I just installed NetBackup v5.1 with MP5 on a Windows Server 2003. WIndows
has recognised the tape device and NetBackup also has recognised it. The
installation of NetBackup was successful. The problem I am having is that,
I cannot inventory, erase, backup, or do any thing at all when ever I put
a tape in the tape device. The tape device i have is an almost new Quamtum
DLT 40/80GB. First, how does one inventory a tape in the standalone device?
A friend told me that the Robot under the Media should list the tape device
on the right pane of the NetBackup Management Console but I do not see anything
under the Robot. When i right-click on the Standalone under the Media, I
do not even see inventory tape or anything like that. Is NetBackup really
for robotic labraries alone or what? How does one go about making a standalone
device work with it?

I have read all the documentation on the NetBackup 5.1 CD but nothing seems
to be talking about how to configure a standalone device to make it work.
Everything seems to be about robotic labraries. Can someone who has made
it work with any standalone device show me the way? Any information will
be appreciated. Thanks.