I am facing the performance issue while taking backup of my file server.
My Master/media server as the same and i am having MSP 6300 Series LTO 3
native speed 80 MB. My backup speed will be around 50MB if i am selecting
my local drive , but the same is dropped to 6MB if i am selection my SAN
Mapped driver. I increase the NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS to 64. In my bptm log i
am getting
the following
20:01:39.109 [5628.1676] <2> write_data: writing block shorter than BUFF_SIZE,
16384 bytes
20:01:39.109 [5628.1676] <2> write_data: writing short block, 16384 bytes,
remainder 0
20:01:39.109 [5628.1676] <2> write_data: waited for full buffer 69355 times,
delayed 93004 times

Is they any way to increase my backup speed