Hello everyone,

I have recently upgraded our backup solution from NBU5.1 MP4 for Solaris
to NBU6.0. Since then i'm having some problems that were never present in
the previous version.

I'm having random 41 status codes on Windows Clients running Windows 2003
and i have already done every step on the troubleshooting guide regarding
error 41, without any success. I have also applied the latest MP3 and the
problem remains. On the logs i have errors stating that the client cannot
be found, but the Solaris Server successfully resolves every host. I have
also included all of the on the hosts file, with no luck. The server resolves,
every client resolves the server without exception. All the NIC cards are
working at 100 Mbps and there is no packet loss on the switches and accellar.

The bprd log shows this entry on every failed attempt:

"db_valid_master_server: xxxxxxxx is not a valid server"

Can any one help with this one? If you need any more info i will be glad

Best Regards,