When I was rescheduling a backup job a while ago on a client server with a
500 GB volum and a 300 GB volum something strange occured.

Since the new backupwindow was to small compared to the amouth of data, the
job only finished on the 500 GB volum and never started to run on the 300
GB volum that was listed in the same policy. (I have a lot of other servers
occupying the other datastreams to the tapedrives). Strangely enough the
job was listed as done (blue) in activity monitor on my NB6.0 MP1 admin console.

When I accessed the restore window in Netbackup I noticed that it was only
one of the volums that was backed up on each backup attempt. Netbackup backed
up the 300 GB volum one week and the 500 GB volum the next week. I have
now corrected the error in our schedule/backup window, but I think that this
kind of failure on a backupjob should be redmarked in the activity monitor.