Hi Calz,

What's your cross site link? 10Gb, or 2Gb, or 1Gb? You'll be pushing the
limits trying to fill the bandwidth of even two LTO3 drives at each site
across a 2Gb link. Is that right? LTO3 = 60MB/s, times 4 drives = 240MB/s
= 1920Mb/s. So assuming a 2Gb link is split into 1Gb each way, you'll
probably only be able to drive two LTO3 drives. Is that right?

Ours is a small shop, we have 8 x LTO1, and one 700 tape silo, in each of
two sites using a two fabric SAN over 2Gb. We daily backup about 3.5TB
(about 2TB from site A to site B, and about 1.5TB from site B to site A),
and more at the weekends. No vaulting, each site is the offsite for the
other site.

We backup clients in site A via media servers in site A to storage units
(i.e. drives) in site B, and we backup clients in site B via media servers
in site B to storage units in site A. This way all the high performance
volume data traffic is over the 2Gb SAN and not over the standard 1Gb LAN
between the two sites.