Product Language : English
Platform/OS Info : Windows Server 2003 / Standard Server
Platform Language : English
Storage Device Notes : Dell powervault 132t firmware 310D

We are running veritas netbackup server 5.0 MP6 along with a power vault
132T. Our problem is that we cannot restore files from our backups. From
our understanding netbackup is able to preform the backups succesfully. There
are no event logs or anything that describes a type of failure. The problem
occurs everytime we create a job restore. For instance just for testing purposes
we are trying to restore a very small file named "clock.bat" This file resides
in one of our client servers, which is backuped by our Master Server. After
we set our restore job to run, we get to the point in where netbackup is
able to locate and mount the media. However, after doing so it would stay
for hours in this type of mode. It basically thinks that is doing somenthing,
but in reality it just hangs. All we see is a progress bar that keeps going
and going with out any success of restoration. Again there is no log our
anything that describes the job progress, so after waiting for so long I
just have to cancel the restore job. Here is a detail description of what
I did: - created a new dir under the D:\ drive named ADbackuptest - the name
of the file to be restore here isclock.bat - I set my client/source and server/dest.
- Run the job and at this moment I waited about 20 minutes and nothing happen.
- Decided to cancel job, but my Tape Library locked up in a monde that says
locating media. - Now, I am not sure why is doing that since I had to press
cancel job many times until it finally decided to do it.

PLEASE help .........