Dear all,

My company is going to buy 2 (two) new storage units and 1(one) server,
we plan to connect these storage units in a single machine (1 server with
Windows 2000/2003). Do you think is it okay to install 2(two) storages units
to 1(one) machine ? Todays servers do have throughput to handlle 2(two) storage
units ?

Regarding topology/licensing, are anyone aware of Veritas Netbackup
domain licensing, for this situation ? I mean:

> At present we have the following enviroment:

* 1(one) LTO2 StorageTek L20 unit, conected to;
* 1(one) Netbackup Server acting as Master & Media Server;
* 4(four) Clients

> Future (to buy):

* 2(two) LTO3 Storage Units ;
* 1(one) Server to connect these 2(two) storage units

> Questions that have arised:

1) The 1st (first) machine, that is Master & Media Server, can still
be Master/Media Server, and the machine that we'll buy can be a Media Server
connect to this 1st Master/Media Server ?

2) Will we have to upgrade to a Netbackup Enterprise Server Licensing

2.1) We have Netbackup server installed on the 1st (first) machine,
will we have to install anything else on this machine in order for it to
handle this new Media Server?

Thank you for your attention, and any help on this matter will be
fully apreciated.

Best Regards,

Eder N. Rezende.