Version 3.4 worked fine with no error messages but after upgrade
I get a error message when a backup is initiated. The backups dont
fail, but the error is generated everytime.

I have put the latest MP 5 and device mappings on the install.
The daemon.error messages are:

Jul 4 10:49:54 monsoon tl8cd[18274]: [ID 699370 daemon.notice] Processing
NT, TL8(0) drive 2, slot 37, barcode D00337 , vsn D00337
Jul 4 10:49:54 monsoon tl8cd[11178]: [ID 446948 daemon.notice] TL8(0) opening
obotic path /dev/sg/c1t6l0
Jul 4 10:49:54 monsoon tl8cd[11178]: [ID 556963 daemon.notice] inquiry()
on processing library SPECTRA 10000 060001:
Jul 4 10:49:54 monsoon tl8cd[11178]: [ID 837218 daemon.error] TL8(0) ASC
ASCQ 0x12 set on drive 2
Jul 4 10:49:54 monsoon tl8cd[11178]: [ID 869623 daemon.error] TL8(0) Unknown
CQ(0x12) for drive 2, attempt to continue
Jul 4 10:49:55 monsoon tl8cd[11178]: [ID 853899 daemon.notice] TL8(0) Initiatin
g MOVE_MEDIUM from addr 81 to addr 37
Jul 4 10:50:12 monsoon tl8cd[11178]: [ID 884931 daemon.notice] TL8(0) closing/u
nlocking robotic path