We have a job that has some special backup and retention requirements. We
do daily everyday except the last of the month. we do monthly the last calendar
day of the month except for year end. We also have a weekly backup that runs
every sunday unless that day is a monthly or yearly. All have differnent
retention periods for various reasons. Still with me? okay.

here is the problem. we have all schedules set up as calendar based and use
the appropiate includes and excludes and this works 99% of the time. however
when we have a situation where the daily runs on the last day of the month
it runs the following day after midnight because teh exclude only accounts
for the 31st and not the 1st of the next month.

there is more. This daily fails becuse the monthly was succesful this is
due to nature of our start and end scripts. The operations staff then sees
the failure and tries to start it again. I've placed calls with veritas and
the solution they gave us was to shorten the start window. This is not practicle
since the job starts at 23:20 and will loop until it finds a .done file created
by the DBA's if the file is not there before 24:00 then the job will never
start. I hope this makes sense to someone.

So I'm looking for a way to either simplify or remedy our current situation.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.