NetBackup 5.1 MP5 Enterprise
Windows Server 2003
Master server, IBM x336 with StorageTek SL500, 4 HP LTO2 FC drives
Remote Media server (DR Site), IBM x336 with IBM 3582, 2 IBM LTO2 FC drives

Several policies are configured on the Master server to stream the backups
to multiple tapes within the SL500 - up to all 4 drives if available. We
want to increase the number of drives in the 3582 to expedite restores but
that is not physically possible. IBM has recommended acquiring an additonal
3582 for the DR Site with 2 more drives. Can NetBackup be configured to
restore in this manner using all 4 drives? Essentially, in a recovery situation,
we would have to put half of the tapes in one library and half in the other,
inventory the robots and let NetBackup mount as required. Will this work
or do I need to put all required tapes in one library and restore with 2
drives only?