I have just changed my netbackup server to a newer/faster Sun v240. On the
old server I would regularly get emails if a backup process got anything
other than a status 0. For example

Backup on client inet414 for user root by server inet640 was partially successful.

Policy = inet414_E_only
Schedule = weekly_full

File list
SET SNAP_ID=inet414_1148079876

Since I moved to the new server, these messages have stopped.

I have examined every script on the old server in /usr/openv/netbackup/bin
looking for an instance of my email address, but I have not found it. I was
told that it was controlled by a _notify script. I have looked in cron to
see if there are any scripts running there. Again, no luck.

Any idea where I might find this?

ths and pls reply to my email

Steve Hammond