G'day all. I would like to get peoples thoughts on how they would utilise
10 LTO2 drives in one library, backing up 40 odd clients, over 2TB in data
(full/once a week) and negligible diff incm's nightly. Our current environment
has it setup so that 4 drives plus robot are on a beefy Dual CPU box with
6GB RAM (Master), 3 drives attached to an old dual CPU server with 512MB
RAM (Media) and 3 drives attached to dual CPU server with 2GB RAM (Media).
To add to the mix, we have another Quad CPU box with 6-8GB RAM (I forget
how much) coming. Between the 2 higher spec'd boxes we have enough PCI slots
to run all 10 drives.

My query is what would you be inclined to do?? My plan at this stage is to
utilise only the 2 monster boxes but I'm not sure how that will go for load
balancing. I also need to keep in mind that if I drop a Media server I have
to deal with it's local media database and continue backing up the 10 dedicated
clients I have running through it (though I'm sure it won't be a huge drama).

Any thoughts/comments are welcomed and most appreciated. Cheers.