Hello all,

I am trying to intiate a snapshot backup from a netbackup schedule of some
oracle databases that reside on a netapp.

The process will be the following:

In the file selection of a netbackup schedule there will be an RMAN script
that puts the data base in hotbackup mode. Then somehow I need to initiate
the snapshot tool on the netapp to take a snapshot of that database and stores
is in its usual location on the filer (./snapshot/* ). Then RMAN takes the
database out of backup mode.

What I need help on is how am I sending the command from the master server
to the netapp to take the snapshot? Do I write the command in file selction
part of the policy with where the RMAN script is called? Or does the options
of the advanced client when selected take care of initation the snapshot?

The environment is:
Solaris master server (solaris 8) with netbackup enterprise 5.1 with NDMP
Solaris clients (solaris 8) with netbackup advance client 5.1 and oracle
Netapp (Data ontap not sure of the revision)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.