We successfully ran full backups over the weekend to a DSSU for four
different Windows 2003 servers. The backups show up in the catalog and I
can see the fragments from those jobs on disk. The scheduled relocation
ran, but did not copy the files to tape (i.e., a second copy does not show
up in the catalog and none of the fragments on disk have a .ds extension).

I tried the manual relocation and it ran for approx 5 seconds and said
that it had successfully completed (status = 0). Again, there is no new
backup in the the catalog and no .ds files.

Does anybody have any idea why the relocation is not working? It has
since worked successfull on CINC backups from those same servers. Are there
log files that I can check to give me hints as to what is actually happening?

We are running NetBackup 5.0MP5 on a Windows 2003 server.

Thanks for any help.