I've got some servers that back themselves up onto standalone drives. They're
all set up the same, with the backup selections set as "all_local_drives".
Most of them will show 2 lines in the job status window afterwards, and
when you look at the restore selections available, there will be 2 entries,
one saying C:/ with all the files, and a second one saying system state.
One server has now been backing up only the system state, with no indication
why the C:/ files are not getting backed up. The log reflects a successfully
completed job, and there are no errors listed. I'm using Netbackup 5.1 on
Win2k servers. They've all only got C:/ drives, and I can't see any difference
in the policy or set up between the ones working correctly, and the other
one. It did work correctly in the past, but we had a hardware malfunction
in the drive unit. After getting it repaired and reinstalled, the job is
no longer acting like the others. Any suggestions?