We will be running Oracle 10.2 on Solaris 10 sending to a Netbackup 5.1 server
on Windows. I've been trying to find info on how the Netbackup Oracle Agent
works with Oracle's ASM storage system.

Suppose we had a 10GB filesystem for Solaris, 150GB under ASM control, and
a 100GB database. Will the Oracle agent be able to send the full 100GB
straight from ASM to the NB server without having to create a Unix file copy
of the data ?? In this scenario, the Unix copy would not be possible since
100GB of data would not fit on the 10GB Unix filesystem.

Anyone with experience using NB and ASM shed some light on this issue ??
Point me to some documentation ??

thanks a bunch,
Don Mosley
919-733-4806 x255