I have a performance related question about number of policies and how they
affect the bpsched. I have worked with netbackup before and disagree with
how my current work site has implemented netbackup. What they have done
is created VIA auto discovery a policy for every client (about 2200). I
think this is why we are having so many issues with bpsched hanging and hung
jobs in general. From my experience with netbackup it performs better when
with a lower policy count. If we grouped all the like clients and cut the
policy count down to 100 or 200 hell even 500 I think the overall health
of netbackup will come back. I have done some searching on the net but not
finding any proof that this is an issue.

So would having a 2200 policies versus 200 affect netbackup performance and
if so can someone point me to documented proof that I can present to my employer.
At the moment it is like talking to a brick wall.