I am looking for a way to recover data from a disk-to-disk backup where i
have no cataloge availble. At this point any amount of recover, raw or otherwise,
would be a step in the right direction.

I have tried contacting vertias support, and they stated that netbackup has
no way of cataloging or importing disk-to-disk backups, only via tape.

one other catch is that it's 120GB worth of data split into 2GB chunks.

Ideas i have, but am unsure how to persue:

1. use tar to extract the data (priv and pub files)
2. copy this data to tape (probably under a *nix flavor with some creative
commands) in such a way it would be cataloged
3. combine the files into one large file and attempt to recover using tar,

Please let me know if you reply to this at caldwelljt@airboxinc.com

Thanks much,
-Jonathan Caldwell