Hi there, Ive been trying to get to the bottom of how to go about installing
onto a solaris 10 box. Firstly I am installing in the master zone. I have
installed Netbackup server v5.01 and realise after searching veritas' support
site that I will need to add a maintance patch for it to work.

I decided to go to MP 3 for both the server and the client software. The
server patch reqires that the client patch be applied first, but when I try
to apply the client patch its telling me :

Install pack NB_CLT_51_3_M Thu May 26 10:00:25 BST 2005 Rev.

Unable to determine client type for local client.
It appears no client binaries have been previously installed.
Installation of pack NB_CLT_51_3_M FAILED ...

Yet the relevent folders are populated in /opt/openv/netbackup/client

To top this all off nothing was added during the main install to my inetd.conf
even though it isnt used by sol 10 there is nothing there to translate svc.

If anybody out there has had a sucessful installation on a sparc solaris
10 machine then could you please let me know. Thank you