An experience you do not want to live through....

SYMPTOMS: error codes 54, 46 and sometimes 57

In our upgrade to NBU 5.1 MP2 we not only upgraded NBU but also our
hardware. Since we decided to do trunking on our Sun boxes, we switched IP
addresses to a different segment.

Now this should not be a problem if all were using DNS correctly. About
40 of our Windows boxes had host entries which were easy to correct. The
next problem deals with running Windows DNS forwarding to a BIND server.

There were about 60 Windows clients that not only had public IP addresses
but also private IP addresses. Our default Windows setup was to
automatically register all addresses. Thus when performing a NSLOOKUP, you
would see 2 IP addresses (either the public/private or private/public).
Now why the eihter/or ---> if you are on the same subnet as the client,
then DNS will always use that IP address. If you are not, then it will
perform a round-robin on the IP addresses, thus giving you about a 50-50
chance of performing the backup. Therefore when you do a NSLOOKUP. it will
give you the next IP address it will use for that client.

This affected us since we changed the subnet that the master/media servers
were on. The correction was to not allow registration of private IP
addresses, and to not forward them to BIND.

Hope this helps someone