We've been using NBU for a while and I've installed it remotely on some
of our clients in the past without any issues. (We're all Solaris, by
the way.) I'm now getting the following error when we attempt to do a
remote install on any clients.

rcp: /usr/openv/NB-Java.tar.Z: No such file or directory
NB-Java.tar.Z: No such file or directory
tar: blocksize = 0

The systems still back up without any problems, so I'm assuming that
Java is strictly for GUI use. That's no big deal because no one should
be logging onto these directly to perform any kind of backup/restore
action. We control everything from the adminstration consoles on our
workstations or from the master backup server itself.

I'd just like some confirmation that this error is no big deal since we
have no plans on running the GUI from these clients.