I'm been called in to help resolve some issues a company is having with a
Window AD network and NetBackup 4.5GA. I have resolved the Windows AD problems
and am now trying to resolve the NetBackup isses. I have very little NetBackup
experiance but tons on Backup Exec.

The server that ran Netbackup crased and needed a complete rebuild. This
server was an AD server as well as a file server. Just the system drive was
lost, which of course contained the NetBackup app. After the server rebuild,
the tech install NetBackup. But had windows access issues and decided to
install NetBackup on another AD DC. The tape library was moved to this server.
That server is setup and preforming all backups, other than the server that
was rebuilt. There were issues with accessing shares on that server which
have now been resolved.

When I try to create a policy to backup this server, I get the following
Unable to connect to NetBackup host "ServerName"

This server still has the Admin Console installed. Could this be causing
the problems?

Backup Exec has an agent that runs on the servers and it looks like NetBackup
does also. Should I uninstall and then reinstall that agent?

I'd also like to recover the old backup catalogs with out retreiving them
from tapes, as there are hundred of tapes to process for this.

Any suggestions or help is appreciated. Sorry for being so long winded, just
wanted to supply as much info as possible.