Hi, please help.

The command 'bpexpdate -deassignempty' command (that Netbackup runs automatically
every 12 hours) is erroring with 'host not found' and 'host XYZ not found
for at least one fragment, -deassignempty operation terminated' errors. The
interesting thing is that the mediaserver XYZ was decomissioned months ago,
and doean't exist anymore.

As a result we've got lots of tapes with no images on them still showing
in the media list report as full but with 0 valid images on them, that aren't
expiring automatically. (NB. These tapes that aren't expiring have nothing
to do with the decomissioned media server and are assigned to different media

I can manually run the bpexpdate -ev -d 0 -host command
and it works fine, the tape expires, but I don't want to do this manually
every day on the hundreds of tapes that should have expired automatically...I
need the bpexpdate -deassignempty command to work

Any help would be appreciated