My problems started when the drive failed in my Dell 132T. After replacing
the drive, Dell support attempted to get it to work and made manual config
changes to my veritas environment. They finally gave up and said it was
a veritas problem. At this point I could not even inventory the drive.
After they left, I installed the Veritas drivers and I then ran the 'configure
storage devices' wizard. After that I was able to inventory the tapes in
the new drive, but during the regular backups the drive is never used. I
created a policy specific to this drive, but fails with the error 'the required
storage unit is unavailable(219)'. The admin log says:
10:53:45.384 [1596.2700] <16> build_host_list: build_stunit_hostlist() error:
the requested operation was partially successful (1)
10:53:45.384 [1596.2700] <16> check_for_empty_media: Could not build host
list: the requested operation was partially successful' but it has a set
of new tapes in it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!