I am using NetBackup DataCentre 4.5-GA without any patches running on a Win2K
domain, SP4.
Recently, I added a new client into the Master Server.
Both my client and Master Server has 2 NIC cards on each machine.
One NIC is for pure backup purpose, running on subnet
Another is NIC is for other purpose, running on subnet

This is how I add the new client:
On the master server:
1. Create a new policy and Add the client to the new policy. When I click
on the client, I could not detect the client machine on the tree. Hence I
manually add in the hostname of the client.

On the client machine:
2. Launch the Backup, Archive and Restore interface from client, Go to File
| Specify NetBackup machines and policy type and change accordingly.

However, when I click under Admin Console-Host Property-Client-rt click properties,
the server could not retrieve any info. The message was cannot detect.

May I know what happen and how to solve this?