Hello, we are saving two NetApp filers, first via mapping drives (not sure
enough for us) , now directly via the UNC (on a specific client (the master
server itself actually, win2k sp4, NB 4.5 MP5), file declared is directly
\\filer\whatever_data). OTM activated or disabled, the same issue.

The first filer is definitely ok with this solution.

On the other hand, the second filer is a real issue:
- for 2 weeks (2 total and daily differentials) everything was ok.
- now, for unknown reasons, the full backup takes ages.The % of completion
goes back to zero, when reaching whatever percentage, at random, it goes
back to zero and the backup carries on, incrementing the %, goes back to
zero, incerments, goes back to zero, etc..., datas are backed up on the tapes
(Storageek L180 6 x Sdlt) though. But we cannot have a full backup for 2
days now, though it carries on saving.