I see the documentation that Veritas will only support and work correctly
with a unique string set to emulate a certain drive depending on the hardware
vendor. For example, documentation states that with the EMC CDL that the
inquiry string must be EMC Disk Library and drive type IBM LTO. Does that
mean to Veritas that the EMC CDL700 has to emulate as an IBM LTO drive type?
It actually states in technote 264984 that Veritas does not support Emulation
modes and that is why the string must be unique for Veritas to support it.
I am wondering if it matters what the CDL emulates if Veritas won't be
set to pick up the emulation mode, yet, if Veritas only supports the IBM
LTO drive type then wouldn't Veritas have to see the CDL as such, meaning
that the CDL would have to be set as the IBM LTO drive type. Sorry, if this
sounds confusing. I have researched this, talked to technicians and talked
to EMC. I am just looking for additional information on specifics regarding
the actual setup on the CDL 700 for it to work correctly w/ Veritas. Is
there anybody out there that has added any CDLs to their backup environment?