Hi All,

We have Veritas Netbackup 4.5 installed on Solaris as Master Server.

The Weekly Full Backups of one Domino Server(Windows 2000) are repeatedly
exiting with Status 1 even though the corresponding Daily Incremental Backups
are successful.
Also, the file system backups are completing successfully.
The Even if I start the manual Backup it exits with Status 1.
I have checked a no. of bpbkar logs and found the following error repeatedly,-

ERR - NBLN_DbBackupOpen() NSFBackupStart('D:\domino\data\') Failed:0x201:File
is not a database
WRN - can't open file: Lotus Notes:\D:\domino\data\
Also, another error is noticed in bpbkar logs,-
No data stores can be initialized. The software is most likely installed
This error appears only during Domino backups but not during NT Backups.
Can you please suggest anything on this.