Hi everyone,
We have recently upgraded to 4.5 FP3, and now when we get emails, there
is alway "extra" in the subject lines.

Here is an example "Backup on www -0 rom media ma(2) bpbrm
send_status_to_par" which used to be "Backup on www -0 started. This is a
fairly normal one I get distorted characters(ascii in many cases) like
diamonds, squares, circles, enlarged plus signs, subscript characters etc.
This is more a nuisance that anything else, it wreaks havoc on mail filters
and it looks bad to the administration to see that I can't remove it, but I
have no clue what could be wrong.
I use a copy of nbmail.cmd and have deleted it, replaced it with an
unaltered copy of the original modified it, and still the extra information.
I have removed all the other scripts from processing in case it was calling
another improperly. Any ideas on how to correct this would be greatly

Scott Chubb
Chelmsford Public Schools