Our customer VHI (Ireland) is using Veritas NetBackup (DataCenter 4.5) to
back up
their Windows server. The Interwoven product Teamsite consists of a virtual
file system in the form of a folder called iw-store and the TeamSite configuration
folder iw-home are located on the D: drive. They can back these up with no

However when they try to back up their C: drive it always tries to back up
the virtual mount called the Y: drive, which holds the virtualised file system,
as well.

Apparently this happens even if they specifically configure their backup
software to only back up C:\, and exclude Y:\. Somehow, NetBackup seems to
interpret Y:\ as being the same path as C:\

The backup then hangs on the Y: drive, apparently at various stages and not
always on the same file. This is because Teamsite users access the y: drive
to change content. Freezing (making readonly) TeamSite does not help.

I would like to get in touch with someone to reproduce this and to find out
if Veritas can get us a tip on how to prevent this from happening,


Arnout Cator
Interwoven Certified Technical Support Engineer
Tel: +31 (0)30-263-5188
Email: arnout.cator@interwoven.com