when I backup one of my clients i don't get any detailed status in the Job
Details on the server. I can see the mounting of drives, positioning and
"begin writing", but not KB's written, throughput, current file etc. On
other clients I can see this, but I don't know yet if it's only this one
client which don't report.
The Client Job Tracker on the client displays what's going on, but since I
don't see anything on the server I can't be sure anything is actually
To make matters worse, the last backups have failed - probably due to OTM
(found a possible sollution).

Server and client is running on 4.5 MP3.
I've just installed a second LTO drive in the StorageTek L20 library, and it
is possible the status disappeared after this.
Any idea how to get the staus back?

-Eivind Brenningen