I have implemented Netbackup Datacenter v3.4.1 on a W2k cluster. De Master
and Media server are installed on one cluster node. I selected the virtual
client as the client to backup. I selected ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.

When I have OTM enabled no data will be written to tape ever.
When I have OTM disabled the backup completes with warnings about open files.
In the bkbkar logfile the following lines are written:

OpenCluster() (err=5)
Will attempt to open cluster database without a name
Checking Volume \\?\Volume{b14022e6-7dd1-11d6-9848-0002a5da97a0}\ for ''
Adding Volume \\?\Volume{b14022e6-7dd1-11d6-9848-0002a5da97a0}\
OTM: will attempt enable for '\\?\Volume{b14022e6-7dd1-11d6-9848-0002a5da97a0}\'

My guess is that the problem is that the cluser database cannot be opened
or found. Does anybody know the solution for this?