does anyone have such a problem?
By every scheduled backup i receive the following windows error:
bpdbm.exe-Appication Error "The application failed to initialize
properly (0x0000142). Click on OK to terminate.".
By on OK clicking the Veritas device manager's service dies and
I have to stop all the Veritas NetBackup services on my win2000
server some processes do not die and I must kill them manually.
Finally by restarting all the Veritas NetBackup services
eveything goes right.
My Netbackup Datacenter 3.4.1 installed on a windows 2k
with srv pack 2 running on a bi-processor Intel PIII XEON with
512MB of RAM.
There are 2 robot attached on the server (the one over scsi and
the other over FC trought a scsi to fiber converter).
I backup NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2k Servers, some Unix machines
and 5 Netware Novell Servers.
I have a suspect on the Novell machines. I think my troubles
begun with the introduction of these Netware Servers.
Anyone can help me?
I hope my english is enough understandable.