Here is what I have:
Solaris 2.8 master server 3.4.1
Exchange 2000 server installed as a media server ver 3.4.1 with the SSO
Exchagne 2000 patched to 645 patch
The storage group backup works as it should. The mailbox backup does not.
In the NB client on the Exchange server, If I click on the Microsoft
Exchange Mailboxes I do not get a list of mailboxes. Here is what I have

followed all documentation
Netbackup client runs under an account that is part of Domain Admins and is
an Exchange Full Administrator.
On the advice of Veritas support, created entry in registry,
EXCHANGE_MAILBOX and its value is the name of the account created for
Netbackup client to use.
How important is the All Users list for this procedure. I have seen some
documentation from Veritas that this needs to be there. Our All users list
was deleted, and I have tried to recreate it as close as possible, but am
not sure if it is correct. Is there a way to bring back this default entry?