i have configured the NotifierMngr agent on a two node cluster - running
VCS 4.1 on hp-ux 11.23 (PA-RISC), however it is not behaving quite as i

the configuration includes the following:

group VCS_Notifier (
SystemList = { somesystem0 = 0, somesystem1 = 1 }
AutoStartList = { somesystem0, somesystem1 }

NotifierMngr VCS_Notifier_Mngr (
SnmpConsoles = { dummysnmpserver = Information }
SmtpServer = mysmtpserver
SmtpRecipients = { "user@somehost" = Information }

Proxy VCS_Notifier_NIC_PROXY (
TargetResName = MultiNICA

VCS_Notifier_Mngr requires VCS_Notifier_NIC_PROXY

MultiNICA is configured in a different service group.

my problem is that only messages with "Information" severity level get
sent to the specified mail account.
according to the Bundled Agents Reference Guide "Specifying a given
severity level for messages indicates that all messages of equal or
higher severity are received"... meaning i should get messages for
severity levels: Information, Warning, Error, and SevereError.

any help is greatly appreciated.


Stoyan Angelov