Hi all.

We are running VCS on Solaris 9 with IPMP configured,
on top of that vi have an proxy resource and an virtuel ip for that application.
During tha application installation we have also told the application to
listen on the virtuel address.

The application is Vitria Bussiness Ware.

The applications is talking with another application running on the other
end of a VPN tunnel.

Here is the problem:

If the request is coming directly to the virtual IP interface it will answer
with the same source address as it is recived on (application address), but
if we initialize somthing from the server to the outside the source IP address
will be the cluster node nodename address, not the application address.

Any one have any ideas on how this could be solved without opening up the
access for all server nodes in the VPN tunnel, just the failing vitual IP?

Or does anyone configured Vitria Bussines Ware true firewall or VPN tunnels?
The Vitria application have an "tcp_hostname" parameter that will bound the
application to the virtuel address, but this seems to only affect listening
not talking.

Regards Mattias