I have installed license's for Cluster server 4.1 and Oracle Storage Foundation
Suite 4.1 but was getting quick I/O license related questions.


Task: Testing failover capabilities of the Oracle DB/Veritas Cluster between
2 nodes

Issues Encountered:
We issued a manual failover of the oracle service group from node2 to node1
but the cluster hung on the mount resource due to the VxFS Quick I/O license

UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-25255: VxFDD: You don't have a license to run this
UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-21239: Quick I/O not available

Resolution: I removed the quick I/O "qio" option on all the mount resources
and restarted the cluster

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I found the information below in the Veritas VxFS documentation.
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It seems confusing that the VxFS documentation is indicating that “If Quick
I/O is not installed or licensed”, it sounds to
me as if quick I/O needs to be licensed separately. I would have expected
a statement like “If VxFS is not licensed”.
Enabling and Disabling Quick I/O
If the Quick I/O feature is licensed and installed, Quick I/O is enabled
by default when a file system is mounted.
Alternatively, the VxFS mount -o qio command enables Quick I/O. The mount
-o noqio command disables Quick I/O.
If Quick I/O is not installed or licensed, a file system mounts by default
without Quick I/O and no error message is displayed. However, if you specify
the -o qio option, the mount command prints the following error message and
terminates without mounting the file system.
VxFDD: You don’t have a license to run this program vxfs mount: Quick I/O
not available