I am trying to setup Cluster Server Agent for Oracle. The Oracle discovery
process in the wizard identifies the correct listener and on the subsequent
panel lists the mount points. The mount points listed are two from the SAN
(/u02 and /u03) and one is root (/). What could it be looking for in root?
The dbf, control files, archive logs, spfile are on the SAN. The Oracle
binaries is on root. $ORACLE_HOME points to root. I ran the SQL in the
OraMountDiscovery.pl script and all the files are either in /u02 and /u03.
The pfile identified in the discovery file is on /, but within the file it
points to the spfile on the SAN. I changed the location of the pfile in the
discovery panel to a location on the SAN and still root is identified as
a mount point.

The subsequent panels expect the file systems to not be in the /etc/vfstab.
I can understand the SAN mount points, but / should not be under the control
of VCS from what I understand.

We are using version 4.0 and Oracle on Solaris 2.8 SUN UNIX servers.

Thanks in advance!