I am currently working on a custom agent in C++ for VCS 4.0 and I am having
trouble with the following issues:

1. In the action entry point an output string can be returned. The buffer
is preallocated from the agent framework. In the examples from the ADG the
macro MAXBUFFER is used for the length, but there is no corresponding define
in the headers or a similar suitable variable. So how long is the buffer?
2. Using the VCSAG_RES_LOG_MSG macro immediately dumps core in strlen, whereas
the other three logging functions work fine.
3. The category id for logging must be assigned from Veritas. To whom can
I write a mail to apply for an assignment?

The agent I am developing is an agent with embedded Perl interpreter like
mod_perl for Apache, which is much faster than launching a new Perl each
time a shellagent is called. Additionally, variables from the agents are
persistent. The agent will be available under GPL for anyone interested using
it when it is fully functional. Feel free to contact me for details.

Best regards

-- Dagobert Michelsen