I have a problem with VCS 4.0 on Red Hat Linux Update 4. I have 2 NICs configured
in MultiNIC resource in a parallel service group, and few IPMultiNIC resources
on top of it, each of them in its own service group. When I pull out the
LAN cable from the active NIC, the local failover of IP addresses from the
disconnected NIC to the standby one doesn't occur. Failover of service groups
to another node in the cluster occurs instead! Furthermore, the first node
is not pingable until I reconnect the cable.

I have configured a number of VCS clusters on HP-UX and Solaris, but this
is my first one on Linux, so my first thought was I was missing something.
Then again, all other cluster functionalities work well...

In engine_A.log there are some strange entries:
VCS INFO V-16-10031-6013 (node2) MultiNICAarallelMNIC:monitor:No more devices
configured returning OFFLINE
VCS WARNING V-16-10031-5104 (node2) IPMultiNIC:trxIPMNIC:monitor:IP address is assigned to other device which is not a active device. So returning
The above line repeats for each virtual IP address. There are also some strange
entries (although of severity info) in the log:
VCS INFO V-16-2-13001 (node2) Resource(trxIPMNIC): Output of the completed
operation (monitor)
Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/IPMultiNIC/monitor
line 80.

I've looked into the monitor programme which is a perl script. The lines
80 thru 84 look like:
if($dev ne $device)
VCSAG_LOG_MSG("W", "IP address $address is assigned to other
device which is not a active device. So returning UNKNOWN.", 5104, "$address");
exit 99;

I'm not a perl expert, but looks like both the variables $dev and $device
are not configured?

Here come the relevant portions of my main.cf:

MultiNICA parallelMNIC (
Device @l01bill1 = { eth0 = "", eth3 = "" }
Device @l01bill2 = { eth0 = "", eth3 = "" }
NetMask = ""
NetworkHosts @l01bill1 = { "", "" }
NetworkHosts @l01bill2 = { "", "" }
Failback = 0


Address = ""
MultiNICAResName = parallelMNIC
NetMask = ""

All resources are critical.

I'm desperate, please help!
Thanks in advance.