Hello All!

I am running a VCS 2.0 cluster on Solaris 8.
We have a 3 tier application, with an Oracle Database server backend, and
a medical imaging application server as the 2nd tier. The database must
be present for the medical application to function, and if the database is
unavaliable for any period (i.e. during a failover) the applicaion must be

We implemented service group dependicies to fullfill this requierment. During
testing, when our top level resource consisted only of mount points the cluster
behaves as desired. However when we add the application resources, our testing
reveals that the MigrateQ variable is not being cleard by VCS until after
the application was attempted to to be brought online.

The issue that may be at hand, is that the application does require a static
hostname, that must float, as the IP floats. We have implemented VCS systemnames
in the LLTTAB file as well as the main.cf.

Has any encountered this situation, and if what was your fix?


Thomas Crowe
Senior Engineer
EMC Master Architect
CTS Professional Services