We have an environment, where we have a N to 1 failover config. We use Tuxedo,
MQM and other applications written in-house. We have already configured Tuxedo
on the Failover server, to be up & running at all times, so that we dont
have to do this as part of the failover, using Tuxedo Domain Gateways (&
similar stuff for MQM). Does anyone have a similar config & how did they
deal with this ?
Is Tux / MQM / etc in a 3rd party Parallel S.G, or is it in a Single Node
S.G which does not fail over ? Besides having a Failover S.G. Is there a
dependency between these S.G's.
Has anyone used this with also SPFS ?
We also have this environment with a Parallel Group with SPFS.