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system environment
end user : samsung life insurance.
Server Model : SUN Fire 15000
hostname :
Domain1 : ficopdpr
Domain2 : bwsmpdpr
OS : Solaris 8

Volume Manager Version : 3.2 Patch2
File System Version : 3.4 Patch Patch3
VCS Version : 2.0 Patch2
Raid Disk : Hitachi 9900
qlogic FC(8 controller)
volume was striped (c4,c6,c9,c10)
Disks are multipathed controllers C4 and C7.

Symptom :

controller c4 and c7 cable disconnected on Domain 1.
VCS was failover to Domain 2.
diskgroup was imported, but volumes are not enable.
plex state is recover.
and then VCS is re-failover to Domain1.