I have problem migrating from VxVM to VxCS environment.

From SERVER_A, I have a diskgroup DATADG which has these disks (c1t0d0s2
and c1t0d1s2).
From SERVER_B, I have another diskgroup with the same name, but not the
same data writed on it.(all the data is appart)Diskgroup DATADG which
has these disks (c1t0d0s2 and c1t0d1s2).
From SERVER_C, for the storage system reason that can't export the same
name, I have again another diskgroup, with the same name, and
independancy data, diskgroup DATADG (c1t2d0s2 and c1t2d1s2).

now, if I want to introduce VxCS and another server SERVER_D, to have
(n+1) H.A. what do I have to do:
1) for the same diskgroup name problem : will VxCS/VxVM recognise them
2) if the uggly storage system exports the disk of SERVER1 (c1t0d0s2) to
make it READ/WRITE by SERVER_D under the name c1t3d0s2, what's happen ?
3) when I want to add another disk in the cluster, what's happen ?