I created a resource to cluster Apache. I linked the ScriptAgent in /opt/VRTSvcs/bin
to ApacheAgent in
/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Apache and created an online, offline and monitor script.
The monitor and offline scripts work perfectly --NO problems manually or
via hares. The online script will work if I manually run it passing the
variables from the main.cf file. It starts the daemons and the monitor script
picks up on it and shows the resource as online. When I run hares -online
on the resource, it will not start the daemons and of course will not put
the resource online.

I currently have the online script running with -x option for debugging.
When I run hares -online, output in engine log of debugging streams through
past "exit 0" then hangs. Resource does not come online until I run online
script manually. The output I see in the engine log of resource being online'd
using hares, hangs after the "exit 0". When I run it manually, it hangs
after the start-server command, starts the daemons properly, then displays
the "exit 0" and exits the command. Has anyone seen this type of problem
and know of a fix? The scripts are extremely simple and as I said, monitor
and offline work perfectly, it's just a problem with online via hares.

Hope you can help,